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Transgender students: the ministry publishes a circular to better welcome them to school

The Ministry of National Education has published a text intended to better support transgender students in school, in order to clarify the role that the institution must play in the face of these “Gender transitions” desired by a growing number of students.

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This circular entitled “For a better consideration of questions relating to gender identity in schools”, was published in Official Bulletin. It recognizes the rights of transgender students and sets rules protecting these rights. “The school, as a public service based on the principles of neutrality and equality, must welcome all students in their diversity and ensure the integration of each of them”, is it written in the preamble.

Usual first name

Respond to requests to change first names, but also to dress standards and the use of private places, such as toilets, changing rooms and boarding rooms: the ministry is trying to set a framework for rectors, inspectors, directors of school, school principals or even teachers can answer these questions in the field.

The question of the change of first name first. If the pupil is a minor, when the request is made with the agreement of both parents, “It is then a question of ensuring that the chosen first name is used by all the members of the educational community”, indicates the text.

This “usual first name” is substituted by the school “In a coherent and simultaneous manner, in all documents relating to the internal organization (call lists, canteen card, library card, etc.) as well as in digital spaces (ENT, etc.)”. On the other hand, it will not be taken into account for the tests of certain national diplomas, where only the first name registered in the civil status is valid.

“No differentiated instructions according to gender”

Regarding clothing, “Respect for choices related to clothing and appearance is also an important aspect of recognizing the gender identity of these young people”, underlines the circular. However, “It is also necessary to ensure that the rules of school life” born “Are not subject to different instructions according to gender. Thus, clothing and accessories authorized and prohibited are for all students without distinction. “

Concerning the use of privacy spaces (toilets, changing rooms, dormitories), the text lists “Several options” can be considered “At the request of the interested parties and according to the availability of the premises”. The establishment can thus, when there are no mixed toilets, “Authorize the pupil to use the toilets and changing rooms in accordance with his gender identity”.

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For the boarding school, it “May authorize the pupil to occupy a room in a part of the boarding school corresponding to his identity”. As for changing rooms and collective showers, the establishment can “Agree with the pupil on the implementation of adapted timetables” for their use. These choices must also, “As far as possible, apply when traveling, outings and school trips”, is it specified.


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