Transferring Nanocovax vaccine technology to Korean company

Nanogen Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Korea’s HLB Pharma Ceutical, on technology transfer of Covid-19 vaccine Nanocovax.

Mr. Ho Nhan, General Director of Nanogen Company, on the afternoon of August 19 confirmed with VnExpress the above information.

The MOU was signed by both sides on August 18. In a press release issued by HLB later, Jin Yang-gon, President of HLB, said: “We will open the door to the domestic and foreign vaccine market by ensuring the global interests of the vaccine industry. Nanocovax. The vaccine has been shown to be effective and safe amid increasingly supply disruptions.”

The statement from HLB also quoted Mr. Ho Nhan: “Vietnam is the fourth largest vaccine producer in Asia with a history of 126 years of vaccine development. We appreciate HLB’s previous experience in the industry. biological”.

Follow Korean Times, HBL plans to manufacture the Nanocovax vaccine and carry out marketing campaigns about the product globally. The two sides can conclude negotiations after scientists representing each company complete a review of clinical data over the next three months.

Nanocovax is a Covid-19 vaccine researched and developed by Vietnam and is in phase three clinical trials. The vaccine has been approved by the Vietnam National Ethics Committee for Biomedical Research, with the results of phase one and two clinical trials on safety and immunogenicity, and the protective effect has not been evaluated. Nanogen is in the process of applying for an emergency license from the Ministry of Health for Nanocovax.

It is expected that, after the conclusion of the phase three clinical trial, Nanogen will apply for urgent approval from the World Health Organization (WHO). The company shipped a sample of the vaccine to the WHO in July.

The Nanocovax vaccine has a two-dose course, 28 days apart. Nanogen said that the vaccine is manufactured based on recombinant technology, which uses the most suitable harmless antigen fragments (proteins) of nCoV to stimulate an appropriate immune response.

Vaccine Nanocovax is researched and manufactured by Nanogen company. Photo: Quynh Tran

HLB Pharma Ceutical is a South Korean-based pharmaceutical company that develops antiviral drugs and cancer drugs. The company was founded in 2000, after separating from Hyundai Precision Industries.

In early August, Nanogen also signed an agreement to transfer Nanocovax vaccine technology to Vekaria Pharmaceutical, India.

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