Tracing a woman crossing the border with a group of Covid-19 patients

HCMCAuthorities are looking for a woman who entered illegally in the same group of “1440 patients”, 1451, 1452, and 1453. There are suspicions about this person returning to HCMC.

Doctor Nguyen Tri Dung, Director of the Center for Disease Control in Ho Chi Minh City, on the afternoon of January 31, said that according to the initial investigation, the woman was taken to Tan Phu district by the car.

“The competent forces are still tracing and searching for this person,” said Dr. Dung.

This person and two other people entered illegally, together with a group of 6 from Myanmar. However, these three people, after crossing the border to An Giang, did not share a car with the other group of 6 people, but found their own means to go. In particular, one person returned to Ca Mau was discovered on December 30 and is being quarantined, two people moved to Ho Chi Minh City. After that, one person went to make a medical report and quarantine in Tay Ninh; The other one is a female being sought by HCMC authorities.

Currently, people returning to Ca Mau and isolating people in Tay Ninh have tested negative for nCoV once.

In a group of 6 people discovered in the past three days, four people with nCoV were recorded, including “patient 1440” (man in Vinh Long), “patient 1452” (girl in Dong Thap) and “patient 1451. “,” patient 1453 “(two young men in HCMC).

According to Dr. Dung, the city has just discovered 5 cases of illegal entry from China in Thu Duc district. All 5 people were negative for nCoV once.

“We have temporarily zoned the cases involving patients 1451, 1453. However, there are still concerns about intrusion epidemic, most likely there are still undetected cases in the community”, Dr. Dung share.

The Center for Disease Control in Ho Chi Minh City calls on those who illegally enter for public health to boldly make medical declarations for monitoring and sampling. Failure to report medical or medical isolation according to regulations can bring huge risks to the community, if accidentally infected with nCoV.

Dr Dung emphasized: “The outbreak from Da Nang in July to September demonstrates the danger if the disease spreads in the community without discovering the source. If this happens in Ho Chi Minh City, In the most densely populated place in the country, being the economic leader, the consequences will be very unpredictable. “

Le Phuong