Traceability nCoV takes many years

ChinaDominic Dwyer, from the WHO expert group who came to Wuhan, expressed surprise at the complexity of nCoV traceability.

“Everyone knows the virus broke out in a market in Wuhan, but the key is what happened before and during that time,” said Australian microbiology and infectious disease expert.

The origin of the CoV has become a political topic after accusations that China is not transparent about how to handle the early stage epidemic. The Beijing side confirmed the virus originated elsewhere. Dwyer, an HIV / AIDS specialist, who worked with WHO during the outbreak of SARS and avian flu, said the difficult nCoV problem is that the first carriers of the disease have no symptoms and don’t know themselves. have sickness.

Along with Dwyer is Mr. Peter Daszak, zoologist and animal disease specialist. Mr. Daszak emphasized the difficulty in understanding the origin of CO2. “Even with SARS and Ebola, although we have good hypotheses, no one knows what happened. HIV too,” Daszak told the press on February 4.

Expert Dominic Dwyer waved at a hotel in Wuhan. Image: Reuters.

The team of experts visited hospitals, research facilities and seafood markets where the first outbreak occurred, even though the locations were under Chinese control. According to Mr. Dwyer, the group has completed the field trips, is highly concentrated and prepared to report as clearly as possible before the 28-day visa expires.

He noted that more research is needed on how the virus travels through animals, including bats, as well as nCoV antibodies in asymptomatic people. “The immediate goal is to review what we know and put all that data together. There will be a series of long-term projects on this, which can take years,” said Dwyer.

Mai Dung (According to the Reuters)


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