Towards easier access to borrower insurance for patients

Posted on Nov 25, 2021, 6:43 PMUpdated Nov 25, 2021, 7:30 PM

It is a sensitive subject for people who have been seriously ill or whose health is still fragile. On Thursday, MEPs voted for a measure that could allow them to obtain borrower insurance more easily and therefore ultimately to access credit and property more easily.

Providing credit coverage in the event of illness leading to inability to work or disability, borrower insurance can be difficult to obtain for people who are ill or have experienced health problems. Without being able to get into debt easily, they may find it difficult to buy a home.

The problem has been identified for a long time, but MEPs want to strengthen the means implemented to deal with it. They therefore voted to require the launch by insurers and bankers of works on this subject within three months after the promulgation of the law. In the absence of timely negotiations, the ball will be returned “to the regulatory power”.

Reduce time limits for the right to be forgotten

This measure, adopted with increased competition in the creditor insurance market, received government support. It should “lead, I hope to a result that will meet the expectations of patients,” defended Patricia Lemoine, the member (Agir Ensemble) at the origin of the bill which must still be discussed in the Senate.

However, it disappoints some interested parties who would have liked the public authorities to take direct control of these subjects. “Today there is discrimination (towards patients) which must be addressed by the legislator,” said Bruno Lamothe for Séropotes, an association supporting LGBT + people living with HIV.

In detail, the deputies would see a good eye that insurers and bankers reduce the time limits of the “right to be forgotten” for people who have suffered cancer, or even extend it to other pathologies. This right, provided for in the AERAS convention, signed by bankers and insurers with patient associations, allows those who have had cancer not to report it to their insurer if “the therapeutic protocol” has been completed for several years. (5 to 10 years, depending on the case).

“Extremely difficult” debate

The text adopted Thursday also aims to ensure that insurers and bankers seek to include “more pathologies other than cancerous” in the “reference grid” of the AERAS convention. This grid specifies, depending on the disease, under which conditions these people can either benefit from standard borrower insurance – without additional premium or exclusion – or from more expensive coverage, but with a capped premium rate.

The device is however cringe on the bank insurers side. “It is an extremely difficult debate, defends Henri Le Bihan, Deputy Managing Director of Crédit Agricole Assurances. We must not dismiss this out of hand and threaten to entrust the public authorities with the right to rule on this or that pathology ”.

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