Towards a return of the public in the stadiums: Maracineanu wants test matches

Discussions will be initiated to experience the return of the public, with gauge, in sports arenas, like what is being prepared in the world of culture with test concerts, the Minister Delegate announced on Friday February 19. at Sports Roxana Maracineanu.

“Tomorrow, I will meet Jean-Michel Aulas for OL [en football, NDLR], Tony Parker for Asvel [en basket] and Olivier Ginon for LOU Rugby so that we can discuss together in these three clubs on these possible experiments of recovery as is the case today for culture ”, explained the minister on Franceinfo.

Experienced standing concerts in Paris and Marseille

Test concerts with the public in Marseille and Paris are in fact planned for March and April, if the health context allows it. Since this announcement by the Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot, many voices in the world of sport, which has been living behind closed doors since the fall, urge their ministry to do the same.

“Reopen little by little”

“We will be able, on very serious protocols, very specific that they will present to us, to study the possibility in certain cities, in certain clubs of resuming with protocols validated by the prefecture and the ARS [Agence régionale de Santé, NDLR], said Roxana Maracineanu.

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These protocols could for example include “The possibility of making vaccines, of carrying out tests much more strongly than could be done before, the possibility also of having QR codes to be able to identify the people who have been in contact and allow isolation (of ) “, she added.

“We need to strengthen the protocols that already exist. We have to re-inject these new crisis management data and then we go on experiments that will allow us to reopen little by little. “The simplification of the health protocol in schools makes unions jump

“We will be able to attend matches, whether outdoors or indoors in closed enclosures, from these experiments”, promised the minister.

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