Towards a framework for providers of ratings and extra-financial data

Posted on Dec. 2020 at 11:12

They are 25 providers of non-financial data and ratings. Extremely diverse players, financial data distributors (Bloomberg, IHS Markit, and Refinitiv), index producers such as MSCI, more specialized players (such as Ethifinance in the SME-ETI segment), rating agencies (such as Moody’s with Vigeo-Eiris, founded by Nicole Notat, figure of French trade unionism). Often, therefore, very diverse groups offer other types of services to their clients (such as debt rating, or stock market indices), mostly financial institutions and / or companies. However, curiously, none of these players is regulated on this specific activity of providing extra-financial data. None of them have obtained authorization to operate in Europe, and none of them must follow specific rules issued by a supervisory authority.

Esma, the supervisor

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