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Tornado caused devastation in the US state of Michigan, one killed, 40 injured

Tornado In Michigan: The tornado that came on Friday in Michigan, USA created havoc. The storm in northern Michigan was so strong that it overturned vehicles parked on the road. The roofs of many houses were blown off and the electric poles in many houses were also damaged. Apart from this, one person died due to this terrible storm, while more than 24 people have been injured.

According to the information received by the local administration, this storm came to the city of Gaylard in North Michigan after about 3.30 pm local time. About 4200 people live in this city. Those injured in the tornado have been admitted to the hospital.

What did Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer say?
Apart from this, the Governor of the state Gretchen Whitmer has declared a state of emergency in the state in view of the warning of the Meteorological Department. Giving information about this, he tweeted that after the storm in Gaylord city, I have declared a state of emergency for Otsego County. The people of Michigan are very strong. We will overcome this storm. We will do whatever is necessary for the reconstruction. There is no challenge that we cannot overcome together.

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