Tony Curtis, itinerary of a Bronx child on Arte

the great classic The Vikings and a documentary retracing the journey of this Hungarian emigrant son who became a star, make up this special tasty evening.

Why is that, eh? Bernard Schwartz wanted to change his name to Anthony Adverse, in homage to his favorite novel. The studios preferred Tony Curtis. Le kid du Bronx – to use the title of Ian Ayres’ documentary made in 2012 and rebroadcast on Sunday evening (10:50 p.m.) just after The Vikings (1958) – quickly got used to its new identity. She allowed him to enter the Hollywood pantheon. One hundred and thirty films on the clock, four weddings (including one with Janet Leigh). He had the honor of appearing on the cover of Sergeant Peppers, the Beatles record, which is not given to everyone.

Witnesses insist on its beauty. She was not ordinary. His particular hairstyle – that slicked-back puff – inspired James Dean. The actor came back from afar. Her father was a tailor, her mother was violent and schizophrenic. The family is pulling the devil by the tail. The kid becomes a shoe shiner, takes refuge in movie theaters. Robin Hood hits him. He imitates Errol

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