Tonight there will be a partial lunar eclipse of 500 years

Tonight’s partial lunar eclipse will be the longest lunar eclipse in about 580 years.

This evening (November 19 Vietnam time), many parts of the world will have the opportunity to witness the lunar eclipse.

A lunar eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned. At this time, part or all of the Moon will not be illuminated by the Sun because it is obscured by the Earth.

During that process, a total lunar eclipse is when the Moon is completely covered by the Earth’s shadow. If only part of the Moon is obscured, it is called a partial lunar eclipse.

Astronomy lovers will be able to witness a lunar eclipse, comet and meteor shower tonight.

The lunar eclipse will begin to peak at around 4pm and end at 5:47pm on November 19 (Hanoi time). The total duration of the lunar eclipse will last more than 3 hours. At its maximum, only 97% of the Moon is covered, so this is a partial lunar eclipse.

The November 19 lunar eclipse can be observed well over most of the Pacific islands, North America, South America, most of Australia, parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. In particular, the islands in the Pacific Ocean and the countries of North America will be the places with the best conditions to observe the lunar eclipse.

With Vietnam, because the time of the lunar eclipse is still below the horizon, the people of the country can only witness the final stage of this astronomical phenomenon. The time to observe the lunar eclipse will be late afternoon and early evening tonight, when the new moon rises.

Notably, tonight there are also two other astronomical phenomena, comet Leonard (C/2021 A1) and part of the Leonids meteor shower.

Trong Dat

Tomorrow will be the longest partial lunar eclipse of the century

Tomorrow will be the longest partial lunar eclipse of the century

Not just as simple as regular lunar eclipses, this is the longest lunar eclipse in the past 500 years.


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