Tonight, online consultation to take care of F0 at home

Many F0s treated at home have not discovered symptoms of worsening, are subjective with the disease, or do not know how to take care… will be consulted online by Prof. Dr. Ngo Quy Chau, on the evening of March 10.

Readers ask questions here

Vietnam has recorded more than 5 million infections; in which more than 1.8 million patients are being treated with over 97% of cases in mild form, asymptomatic and treated at home. Due to the dominant Omicron variant, spreading rapidly, the number of infections is increasing daily. In the past seven days, the total number of infections across the country increased by 93% compared to the previous 7 days, the number of deaths decreased by 3%, the number of recovered patients increased by 77%.

According to the Ministry of Health, Covid-19 is still under control. However, in the context of reopening schools and the government’s policy to open tourism from March 15, there may continue to be the risk of community disease transmission, including Omicron and other strains. other new.

Therefore, F0 self-isolation treatment and home care are essential, contributing to reducing the burden on the health system. Patients are rested, have adequate living conditions, take care of themselves physically and mentally. This is very important to help F0 quickly recover from Covid-19.

Treatment at home, some people are subjective, but there are also people who worry too much, do not know what to do when infected, how to take care. In addition, the shortage of drugs, difficulty in accessing drugs, and unscientific use of drugs. So, what symptoms should F0 at home pay attention to, how to take care of health, what medicine to take, when to be hospitalized…?

These questions of readers will be answered by People’s Doctor, Professor, Dr. Ngo Quy Chau, Professional Director of Tam Anh General Hospital, Hanoi in an online consultation.

People’s Doctor, Prof. Dr. Ngo Quy Chau, Professional Director and Senior Advisor, Department of Respiratory Internal Medicine, Tam Anh General Hospital. Photo: Hospital provides



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