Tonight, advice on preparing medicine at home to cope with Covid-19

At 8 pm on August 25, Doctor Tran Thi Hai Ninh, Head of General Internal Medicine, Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, gave online instructions on VnExpress on how to prepare and use medicine at home when suffering from Covid-19.

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Vietnam has recorded more than 358,000 infections, more than 195,000 people are being treated during the epidemic that began at the end of April this year. In which, Ho Chi Minh City recorded more than 180,000 infections, the number of cases continued to increase daily, experts assessed that the epidemic situation here was still complicated.

The rapid increase in the number of F0 caused medical facilities treating Covid-19 to become overwhelmed. Therefore, the Ministry of Health has piloted the isolation and treatment of asymptomatic F0 at home from August 16 and a series of other measures, such as piloting the Home-based care program to distribute treatment drugs, guide people to people self-monitor their health…

The Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City on August 17 also guided home treatment prescriptions, the list contains about 5 different drugs such as fever reducers; health-promoting drugs, including vitamins and micronutrients; antiviral, anti-inflammatory corticosteroids and oral anticoagulants in certain cases.

So, what drugs do you need to prepare at home to deal with when unfortunately becoming F0? What drugs are allowed to be used without a prescription, which drugs need a doctor’s guidance and prescription? When the disease develops suddenly but cannot go to the medical facility immediately, how should people use medicine?

These questions will be consulted online by Dr. Tran Thi Hai Ninh tonight.



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