Tomorrow morning NanoDragon satellite will launch into orbit

NanoDragon is a Make in Vietnam satellite. This is the product of a group of scientists from the Vietnam Space Center research and development.

According to the latest information from the Vietnam Space Center, the NanoDragon satellite will be launched into space by the Epsilon 5 booster rocket.

Information sent back from the Japan Aerospace Agency (JAXA) said that the expected launch date of the Epsilon No. 5 rocket was set in the early hours of tomorrow (November 8). This operation was carried out at Uchinoura Launch Site (Kyushu Island, Japan).

NanoDragon satellite when officially handed over to Japan on August 17, 2021.

This is not the first time the NanoDragon satellite has been launched. Previously, the NanoDragon satellite was scheduled to launch into orbit on October 1, October 7, and November 7, 2021.

However, due to unfavorable weather conditions at the Uchinoura launch site, the satellite launch had to be postponed to ensure safety.

NanoDragon is a nano-class cubesat satellite manufactured by scientists from the Vietnam Space Center (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology). This satellite weighs about 4kg with dimensions of 3U (100 x 100 x 340.5 mm).

The NanoDragon satellite was developed with the aim of demonstrating that it is possible to use micro-satellite beam technology to receive automatic identification system (AIS) signals used for vehicle tracking and monitoring purposes. convenience at sea.

Trong Dat

Vietnam should rebalance its science and technology development policy

Vietnam should rebalance science and technology development policy

This is a recommendation made by domestic and foreign experts in the recently published Report “Science, Technology and Innovation in Vietnam”.


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