Tom Holland almost starred in Star Wars but completely missed it

The actor, known for his Marvel role as Spider-Man, had spent several audition rounds to join the interstellar saga. But he failed miserably before the jury.

Before the Marvel Universe made him a star, the current performer of Spiderman had tried his luck with Star wars. In an interview given to the American site Backstage, the last face of Peter Parker confided to have been failed during the auditions for episode VII of the star saga, The force awakens .

After several rounds of auditions to play the character of Finn, Tom Holland gives the reply with a robot, played by a woman. The actress puts her heart to work and faces the “Bleep, bloop bloop, bleep, bloop»Of his interpretation, the actor laughs. “I just couldn’t stop laughing. I found it very funny. But I was not proud, because she was really trying to be convincingHe told Backstage. “I obviously didn’t get the role“, he added. Finn was ultimately played by John Boyega.

At 24, if he doesn’t appear in the last trilogy Star Wars, Tom Holland went on to become a listed Hollywood actor, passed through Captain America and Avengers (Infinity war ). Already a subscriber to superhero films, Tom Holland has taken care to diversify his CV through roles in The Devil, all the time , in The Lost City of Z by James Gray and, soon in the drama Cherry, the new film by the Russo brothers, directors of Avengers. But he hasn’t given up on his web launchers, and he’s currently filming the third installment of Spider-Man’s adventures for Marvel.


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