Tom Hanks: “Today, the western is no longer a very profitable genre”

INTERVIEW – At 64, the American actor stars in The mission. Pandemic requires, the film is not released in theaters, but on Netflix. The opportunity to talk about his complex role in Paul Greengrass’ film, today’s cinema and the impacts of the health crisis.

It had been left last July, aboard a destroyer chased by German submarines during a perilous crossing in 1942 in USS Greyhound. The Battle of the Atlantic. It was a few months after Tom Hanks contracted Covid-19 while filming in Australia. We find him in Texas in 1870, as a veteran of the Civil War, on the bill of The mission by Paul Greengrass, who had directed him in Captain Phillips.

What is the mission of Tom Hanks, reconverted into a traveling reader of world news that he relates to populations in need of information? Bring back to her family a little girl once kidnapped by an Indian tribe. During a journey strewn with dangers, on horseback and in wagon, the unusual duo will forge a saving relationship that will give them hope and redemption. At nearly 65, Hanks offers a subtly minimalist performance. He once again demonstrates his ease in the skin of complex and not very expressive characters.

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