Tom Cruise and his Top Gun: Maverick crosses the billion dollar mark

The American actor breaks his world recipe record with Top Gun: Maverick at the top of the box office after five weeks in theaters.

Nothing is mission impossible for him. Tom Cruise, immortal fighter pilot, has just broken his own world box office record. His last movie, Top Gun Maverick , in which he takes on the mythical role of aviator Pete “maverickMitchell, who made him famous in 1986, has just passed the billion dollar mark (521 million in North America) in revenue.

This figure is all the more remarkable since since the start of the Covid epidemic in 2019, only the blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home had the good fortune to achieve such a triumph. Other good news for world cinema, which has been struggling to catch its breath since the reopening of theaters, perhaps through a ripple effect Elvis Baz Luhrmann’s biographical film about the King of Rock sold the same number of tickets in its first week of release.

soon two Impossible mission

Another great reason for satisfaction for Paramount Top Gun: Maverick therefore still holds the head of the box office after already five weeks on the bill. For comparison alone Avatar by James Cameron had achieved such a feat in 2009, that is to say 13 years ago.

The miracle “Tom Cruisecould soon be renewed. The actor will find himself at the top of the poster of two new Impossible mission. Dead Reckoning part 1 is slated for release in July 2023, and part 2 in June 2024. These blockbusters will now have a new record to break: making over $1 billion…

Top Gun: Maverick by Joseph Kosinski in 2022, with Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly…


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