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Today, Trump and Biden will be the last debates for the US presidential election on November 3

Washington: The last debate between Republican nominee President Donald Trump (74) and Democratic Party rival Joe Biden (77) will take place today at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Both party candidates are busy wooing Indian-American voters. The third and final debate will be hosted by ‘NBC News’ reporter Kristen Welker.

Trump has confirmed his involvement in a debate with his rival Joe Biden this week. Earlier, he had objected to the ‘unfair’ changes made in the rules for the debate between the presidential candidates. Under the new rule, the microphones of rival speakers will be switched off for two minutes so that the candidate going to present his side can start his talk in a smooth manner.

American Hindus split between Trump and Biden
There are two weeks of presidential elections in the US and by this time the political divide between the Hindu supporters of US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden is deepening. Trump and Biden’s election campaigns are trying to woo Hindus, which is a sign of the growing political prominence of this community. The Hindu is the fourth largest community in America, which according to 2016 figures is about one percent of the population of America.

In September, Biden launched his campaign for ‘Hindu Americans for Biden’, while in August, Trump campaigned for ‘Hindu Voices for Trump’ as part of his efforts to attract more than 2 million members of the Hindu community. The formation was announced.

An online debate between Trump and Biden’s American Hindu supporters on Sunday in a webinar titled ‘2020 presidential election: a debate on American Hindu issues’ shows that there is a clear political divide between the Hindu community in America. One group from the Hindu community alleged that Biden was called a supporter of Muslims and another accused Trump of being “racist”.

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