To die can wait, My legionnaire, Tralala… The films to see or to avoid this week at the cinema

A secret agent at the end of his career, the sacrifice of the families of soldiers, an absurd musical comedy… Discover the cinema selection of the Figaro.

You can see

To die can wait , a spy film by Cary Joji Fukunaga, 2h43

Daniel Craig dons the secret agent’s tuxedo for the last time. These are farewells to Maurice Chevalier: the film lasts almost three hours. Nothing very new, except that the screenwriters (there are four of them, which is never a good sign) have two big surprises in store, which decency forbids to reveal here. Otherwise, this good old Aston Martin is still metallic gray. Its headlights are lowered to make room for machine guns. The exhaust spits thick white smoke. The change of scenery is not guaranteed. At one point, inevitably, the hero introduces himself: “Jump. James Bond. “ This password is heartwarming. But the situation is serious. Horrible conspirators have stolen samples of a virus capable of infecting targeted populations. Bond, good guy, pull out his bow tie.

my legionary , a drama by Rachel Lang, 1h47

Maxime (Louis Garrel, formidable), corporal who left second in his promotion at the military academy is married to Céline (Camille Cottin, very credible as a lawyer in love). Father of a 7-year-old boy, he decided to join the Foreign Legion. “It is a choice that we made together and I assume the consequences”, she will say one evening in a brasserie to her friends at the bar, well-meaning “sores” stunned. Based in Calvi in ​​Corsica, Garrel was appointed head of a parachute regiment of the Legion. The film follows in parallel a younger couple, that of a Ukrainian soldier, Vlad and his girlfriend Nika. Of Strasbourg origin, Rachel Lang signs a second film in the form of a military chronicle as close as possible to human beings. To the delicacy of the subject, she opposes a precise staging, sometimes almost warlike. His gaze is both imbued with realism, but also knows how to put itself at the service of a double romantic, subtle and tragic plot.

Tralala , a musical by Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu, 2h

The Larrieu brothers find Mathieu Amalric in a musical. The compositions are by Philippe Katerine, Dominique A, Étienne Daho, Jeanne Cherhal and Bertrand Belin. The scenario is crazy, Amalric not very clean but Mélanie Thierry sings and dances full of grace. As for the philosophy (“Above all, don’t be yourself”), it changes us from personal development gurus.

To avoid

Gaza my love , a dramatic comedy by Arab Nasser and Tarzan Nasser, 1h28

In Gaza, a shy old fisherman is secretly in love with a market seamstress (Hiam Abbass). One evening, he brings back in his nets a statue of Apollo in erection and hides it at his home. The trouble begins… The twin brothers Arab and Tarzan Nasser try their hand at romantic comedy at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Despite its scathing humor, this film suffers from a cruel lack of rhythm.

Honey cigar , a drama by Kamir Aïnouz, 1h36

For his first feature film, Kamir Aïnouz remembers his youth. Selma, 17, lives in Neuilly-sur-Seine, in 1993. Her parents, Berbers and lay people, would like to marry her to a good party. The young girl prefers the boys from her business school, of nameless vulgarity. Discovery of sexuality, specter of dark years in Algeria, double identity… The film embraces several themes but does not manage to coexist them.

Little sister , a drama by Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond, 1h39

They are twins. Lisa is a broken playwright, Sven an actor with leukemia. She gives him her blood. Hamlet’s role would keep him going. Alas, the director gives up the play. We should be interested in the pangs of the actors of the Schaubühne, their narcissism and their whims so as not to yawn in front of this heavy self-centered pension. To save, Marthe Keller as an alcoholic mother: we understand that she drinks to endure that.

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