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My daughter is 3.5 years old, weighs nearly 15 kg, is often tired, lethargic, anorexic. What should I feed my baby? Do you need to see a nutritionist? (Kim Phung, Bien Hoa).


Prolonged anorexia can make the child’s body deficient in nutrients and debilitated, thereby affecting the speed of recovery and development of the body. Children with anorexia are often in a state of fatigue, weakness, and poor appetite. On the contrary, fatigue and weakness also make children lazy to eat, forming a vicious circle affecting health and growth.

Focusing on nutrition is the best way to overcome anorexia and depression. When building a nutrition plan for children in this group, parents should choose priority foods, process them in a variety of ways, and are palatable and nutritionally balanced. Specifically, the list of dishes for children with anorexia should give priority: foods rich in protein, calcium and vitamin D (seafood, eggs, beef, milk, cheese, tofu,…); zinc-rich foods (seafood, radishes, cereals, beans,…); foods rich in vitamin E (sesame oil, peanut oil, almond oil,…); iron-rich foods (broccoli, cashews, sesame seeds, animal liver, green beans, beef tenderloin, apples, sesame seeds, red beets, …)

In order to increase the appetite and stimulate the child’s appetite, parents should also change the way to prepare eye-catching dishes with many colors. In addition to decoration, foods in liquid form such as porridge, soup, chopped food, … also help babies digest and absorb nutrients more easily. For an anorexic child, parents need to be especially patient so that the child can adapt to the diet, avoiding coercion, scolding…

Children with anorexia and fatigue may be due to psychophysiology, pathology or inappropriate habits and nutrition. Accordingly, psycho-physiological causes include: children being forced to eat, intimidated, put under pressure for a long time leading to fear of eating, children at the age of teething, learning to speak, learning to walk… Pathological causes include : the baby’s body is deficient in important nutrients such as iron, zinc, lysine, protein…; or have infectious diseases such as nasopharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, intestinal infections, digestive disorders…

Anorexia due to inappropriate habits include: choosing food, processing dishes that are not attractive, not suitable for age. In addition, anorexia is caused by children not eating at the right time; while eating while watching TV, playing games; the number of meals is not reasonable, eat too little or too much.

The diagnosis of anorexia in children is mainly based on symptoms of the disease combined with a number of other tests such as blood tests, stool and urine tests,… After determining the exact cause of anorexia, The doctor can offer appropriate treatment solutions, thereby improving the condition of the disease, increasing appetite.

Doctor, Doctor Pham Thi Thu Huong
Nutrihome Nutrition Clinic System


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