Tips to stop biting nails

Cutting nails short, applying bitter nail polish, using nail stickers, or creating other hectic routines will help stop biting your nails.

According to Dr. Dinh Ngoc Lien, Dermatology – Aesthetic Skin Unit, Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital, nail biting usually begins in childhood and can continue into adulthood. This bad habit is not only unsightly, but also causes pain in the skin around the nails and can damage the tissues that help the nails grow, resulting in abnormal looking nails. Chronic nail biting also makes you vulnerable to transferring harmful bacteria and viruses from your mouth to your fingers, and from your nails to your face and mouth.

To stop biting your nails, doctors recommend applying tips, like:

Cut your nails short: Having fewer nails will help you bite less and be less “tempted”.

Nail polish has a bitter taste on the nails. Available over-the-counter, the formula is safe but has an unpleasant taste that will make many people stop biting their nails.

Use tape or patches to cover your nails or wear gloves to avoid being bitten.

Replace the habit of biting your nails with a good habit. When you feel like biting your nails, try playing with a stress ball or a piece of dough, clay, etc. This will keep your hands busy and away from your mouth.

Identify triggers that cause you to bite your finger. These can be physical factors, such as the presence of a checkered sore, or other triggers, like boredom, stress, or anxiety. By figuring out the cause, you can figure out how to avoid these situations and create a prevention plan.

Try to gradually stop biting your nails. First, try to stop biting a certain finger, such as your thumb. When that is successful, the fingernail is gradually removed and then the entire hand is removed. The goal is to stop biting your nails.

For some people, nail biting can be a sign of a more serious psychological problem. If you have repeatedly tried to give up and the problem persists, causing skin and nail infections, consult a medical professional, Dr. Lien recommends.

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