Tintin: Patrice Leconte should adapt Les bijoux de la Castafiore

The news can be like a bombshell: the director of Ridiculous, Mr. Hire, Tanned, orOne chance out of two, Patrice Leconte (who made his debut as a cartoonist in the magazine Pilot) announced to the newspaper on Saturday nice morning that he was currently in negotiations to adapt The jewels of the Castafiore, by Hergé on the big screen.

While this weekend in Monaco received an Honorary Award for his entire career from the president of the Monte-Carlo Film Festival de la Comédie, Ezio Greggio, the director of Specialists (1985, with Giraudeau and Lanvin) delivered what he himself calls a “scoopinet” to the newspaper nice morning.

“A young producer is in the process of dealing with the United States the rights to the Jewels of Castafiore, Leconte said. He gave me the project and I think it’s great! Paramount France is glued to the ceiling of happiness. The project is, among other things, to imagine that the least role is played by someone known. We have our Castafiore and Haddock.

“Stalled negotiations”

The small problem, because there is always one, is that “It’s a bit stuck for a rights story with Paramount and all that, but it’s going to unlock. I’m making a film in February, so ideally it would be after. ” continues the filmmaker.

The film he plans to shoot in February should be Maigret and the young dead, an adaptation by Georges Simenon, with Gérard Depardieu in the role of Commissioner Maigret.

As this project is currently only at the negotiation stage, Patrice Leconte is not too keen to move forward. Contacted by Le Figaro, They explain : “I can’t tell you much more, because the negotiations are at a standstill at the moment. And not with the heirs but with the Americans who own the rights.

Patrice Leconte’s assumed “belgitude”

When it is nevertheless suggested to him that it would be real beautiful news, he responds enthusiastically: “I agree. We can’t wait for it to be unlocked. “

Between his adaptation of Georges Simenon and that of Hergé, it seems that Patrice Leconte cultivates an affirmed predisposition for “Belgitude” and literary works from popular culture … “Not false!” responds maliciously.

“Wait and see” as our dear ones would say Blake and Mortimer… Unless Haddock can shake the coconut palm … and unblock the “thousand billion thousand portholes” situation!

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