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TIME Magazine: ‘Kid of the Year’ What is Gitanjali’s relationship with India? Shared memories related to relatives and cousins

Gitanjali Rao, a 15-year-old American of Indian origin, has been honored with the title of ‘Kid of the Year’. Time has printed a picture of young scientist Gitanjali on its cover page. This award has been given to Gitanjali for best use of technology in the field of contaminated drinking water and cyber bullying. Time magazine first sought a nomination for Kid of the Year in which around 5000 applications were accepted. But Gitanjali, by virtue of her brilliant research in the world of science and technology, defeated the thousands of children and got this award in her name.

Time magazine said, Rao, a student of Highlands Wrench School, Stem School in Colorado, has set an example in front of young scientists and has become an inspiration for them. Rao said in a zoom interview with news agency AP, ‘I never thought about the reward. I am very excited and thankful that we are looking towards us and the next generation.

Gitanjali shares India’s memories

Gitanjali Rao has visited India many times. Gitanjali, a TIME ‘Kid of the Year’ living in Denver, Colorado, USA, says that she has visited India many times. He said- My friends, many family members and cousins ​​live in India. Whenever I go there, I have something new to learn. Gitanjali recalled an anecdote that when she was very young, she was asked to bring water from the well with her cousin. His grandmother boils this water and then they all drink it. We had to go very far for water.

Gitanjali Rao developed a portable device for detecting lead in water at just 12 years old. Hollywood’s famous actress and Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie also interviewed her on the zoom. In the interview, Rao said that the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan prompted him to make a search in which contaminants within the water could be detected and sent to those results on a mobile phone. Gitanjali named the mobile-looking device as ‘Tethys’. After putting the device in the water for only a few seconds, it tells the amount of lead in the water.

Forbes to get mill spot in Under 30 in 2019

Gitanjali told that when she was just 10 years old, she had told her parents that she wanted to do research on Carbon Nano Tube Sensor Technology in Water Quality Research Lab. He said that this was the beginning of change, when no one is working in this direction, then I want to do it. Sensor technology helps in detecting the contaminants involved in water. This is not the first time that Gitanjali has got a big title for her work. Earlier in 2019, he got a place in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

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