Tim Cook: ‘Today was a shameful American day’

Apple CEO spoke about the violence at the Capitol on January 6 (US time) amid a meeting to confirm the presidential election results.

“Today marks a sad and embarrassing chapter in our nation’s history,” Tim Cook shared on Twitter.

Tim was one of the first tech CEOs to speak up about the Capitol rebellion, in the midst of a bicameral parliamentary vote count. This is the last step for America to confirm the winner of the 2020 election.

Apple CEO spans the word at Dien Capitol, anh 1

Apple CEO spoke about the rebellion at the Capitol on January 6. Photo: Tim Cook.

“The people involved in the rebellion must be held accountable. We must complete the transfer of government to President-elect Joe Biden, ”added Apple CEO.

Relationship between Tim Cook and President Trump over the past 4 years is quite interesting. In addition to the collaborations, the Apple CEO has sometimes criticized Trump’s new policies if necessary.

When he feared that Trump would criticize Apple’s manufacturing activities in China, Cook quickly built the necessary relationship with the president and his family to “protect the interests of the company”, due to his personality and opinion. their contrast in many matters, WSJ said.

On the side of President Trump, he also repeatedly praised Tim Cook’s way of working, repeatedly asking Apple to move the production line of products to the US during his term.

Also on January 6, Twitter locked Mr. Trump’s account for 12 hours after posting support for protesters who caused riot inside Congressional headquarters.

The platform required the president to remove 3 posts that violated the policy to unlock the account. “In the future, these violations of Mr. Trump will cause the account to be permanently locked.” This is the social network’s unprecedented move towards President Trump, who relies heavily on Twitter as the main communication channel with supporters.

Apple CEO spans the word at Dien Capitol, brother 2

Protesters broke into the headquarters of the National Assembly. Photo: New York Times.

Facebook also made its first moves. According to reporter Mike Isaac’s New York TimesFacebook has locked the Trump account’s posting feature for 24 hours. A video of him sent to protesters was also deleted.

Previously, the US Congressional session to confirm Joe Biden’s election had to be halted, after protesters crossed security barriers, broke into the headquarters of Congress.

Vice President Mike Pence and MPs were evacuated. The videos showed protesters struggling fiercely with police inside the Capitol, just outside the congressional hall of congressmen – an unprecedented chaos scene that rocked the Capitol, the heart of American democracy.

According to the Zing

Why is Facebook and Twitter locked Mr. Trump’s account?

Many major social media platforms have removed videos calling for supporters to go home. The US President’s account is even temporarily locked.


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