TikTok is about to have an 18+ livestream feature

TikTok is testing a feature that allows age-restricted livestream viewers to be 18 or older. This feature is currently available on certain accounts.

Screenshots from product research firm show that users have added access to new options, navigating to settings, and an “adult theme” toggle to limit them. live stream video viewer age.

However, it should be noted that setting the 18+ limit does not mean that TikTok allows users to play adult content. Broadcasts are still subject to the general app policy.

The company said the feature is being tested to help creators clearly categorize content for a specific audience, limiting the situation of minors encountering content intended for adults or children. topics they are not interested in.

A few months ago, TikTok announced that they would start categorizing content for each audience: Children, teenagers, and adults. The world’s largest video sharing platform also revealed that it is developing a system to censor certain content that does not allow access to teenagers, and requires creators to specifically rate content. suitable for an adult audience.

“We’ve had direct feedback from creators that sometimes they just want to reach a specific older audience. For example, they can create funny videos for adults, or offer workplace tips or topics that a younger audience would find boring, like videos about experiences. difficult experience in life,” said Tracy Elizabeth, Head of Policy Affairs at TikTok in the US. “As a result, the company is experimenting with ways to give creators more control over who they see specific content.”

Elizabeth also said that TikTok will not rate or label videos posted on the platform. Instead, the company wants creators to tag their own content in some way. The 18+ limit setting is an example of this idea.

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