TikTok is about to be removed from the app store on Apple and Google Store?

An official from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has sent a letter asking Apple CEO Tim Cook and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai to remove TikTok from the app stores of these two technology giants for data safety reasons. .

The short video app that is taking the world by storm, is owned by ByteDance, a China-based company that has also faced scrutiny from the administration under President Donald Trump.

Brendan Carr, commissioner of the FCC, shared on Twitter a letter to the two top leaders of two US technology giants, Apple and Google. Accordingly, the letter cited many reports and developments that showed that TikTok did not comply with the policies of the two app stores mentioned above.

“TikTok is not a funny photo or video sharing app as it seems. It’s just a layer of camouflage,” quotes a letter to Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai. “In essence, TikTok acts as a sophisticated surveillance tool, collecting vast amounts of sensitive and personal data.”

The letter, with the title stamped FCC, dated June 24, states: In the event that Apple and Alphabet do not remove TikTok from the app store, they must send an official statement to the FCC, no later than August 8. 7 come here.

These statements must explain “why the surreptitious access to private, sensitive user data of individuals living in Beijing, coupled with TikTok’s misleading and misleading practices, is not violates the company’s app store policy”.

Earlier, at the beginning of this month (June 17), BuzzFeed News posted audio recordings of TikTok employees showing that the company’s engineers in China had access to user data in the US during the period from September 2021 to January 2022.

Shortly after the recording was made public, TikTok announced that it was routing all traffic from the US to the cloud infrastructure of Oracle, an American technology corporation. In addition, the private data of users in this country is also transferred to a cloud server located in the US, operated and managed by Oracle.

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