TikTok and Instagram are becoming a threat to Google

Not only YouTube, other core Google services business products such as Maps and Search are also being threatened by the rise of TikTok.

Prabhakar Raghavan, Senior Vice President of Google, said that young users are more likely to explore through apps like TikTok and Instagram, instead of using Google Search or Maps.

Google’s core businesses are under threat. (Image: GettyImages)

“We’ve found that, time and time again, new Internet users don’t follow the way of thinking and expectations we’re used to.”Raghavan said. “The queries they ask are completely different now.”

They want to discover content in new, richer ways instead of entering search terms like before.

“Our research shows that when looking for a place to eat lunch, almost 40% of young people no longer go to Google Maps or Search. Instead, they turn on the TikTok or Instagram app,” the Google leader shared.

While older users may still stick to the old method, the trend of using social video for search will have a strong impact on Google Search, the company’s core business over time. , which in turn drags down sales of ads that sell based on those types of queries.

In other words, all the work that Google has tried to build over the years, from organizing, managing, and promoting businesses, such as local restaurants, or creating a discovery engine. inside Google Maps, will no longer be useful for many young Internet users.

This new audience, Raghavan says, is often interested in “visual search and discovery,” not just limited to places to eat. Many of them have never even seen a paper map. Meanwhile, current map products are still only designed as a paper map attached to a smartphone and do not meet their expectations.

As a result, the search giant is “opening up new expectations of experiences based on a completely new technology platform” for customers. For example, Google Maps incorporates augmented reality technology to help users locate themselves in their environment instead of searching for directions based on flashing blue dots on the screen.

Vinh Ngo (According to TechCrunch)


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