Tiger Woods was “very lucky to get out alive” from his car accident

Tiger Woods was the victim of a serious traffic accident shortly after 7 a.m. Tuesday morning. Rescue workers extracted the 45-year-old golfer from his vehicle with “Serious injuries to both legs”Los Angeles Fire Chief Chief Daryl Osby told a press conference. “Aware”, Tiger Woods was “Lucid and calm” even though he was still a prisoner in his damaged vehicle, said Carlos Gonzalez, the first police officer to arrive at the scene.

Rescue workers had to use a specialized tool and an ax to extract Tiger Woods from his car, which was then evacuated to a nearby hospital with a trauma unit, Chief Osby said. In a statement, Tiger Woods’ agent said the athlete “Suffered from multiple leg injuries”. “He is currently in the operating room”, specified Mark Steinberg at midday.

Tiger Woods hospitalized after car accident

According to the “Los Angeles Times”, the athlete suffered from a broken ankle and broken legs, including multiple. No other vehicle appears to be involved in the crash, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Services, which have opened an investigation to clarify the circumstances.

“Higher speed than normal”

Sheriff Alex Villanueva said his men had found no ” no proof “ suggesting that Tiger Woods was driving under the influence of narcotics, medication or alcohol at the time of the accident.

Police officer Carlos Gonzalez felt that Tiger Woods “Was very lucky to make it out alive”, citing in particular “The nature of the vehicle” behind the wheel of which he was, a luxury SUV, and “The fact that he had buckled his seat belt”. The police officer noted that the portion of the road where the golfer probably lost control of his car was prone to accidents, winding and at the foot of a descent.

According to the first observations of the police, Tiger Woods crossed the central reservation and carried out several rolls, hitting a tree in passing, before coming to a stop on the side. Sheriff Villanueva felt Woods was circulating “At a relatively higher speed than normal” going downhill, specifying that no braking signs had been observed.

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Images broadcast by local television showed the SUV lying on its side, the hood appearing badly damaged and the airbags deployed, in the vegetation lining the road between the communities of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes, south of Los Angeles.

“Get well quickly, Tiger”

Tiger Woods was in the California megalopolis due to a tournament he sponsored, the Genesis Invitational, which wrapped up last weekend.

Recently operated on the back, for the fifth time, he said on Sunday that he was not sure of playing the Masters in April. The champion has won 82 American Golf Tour (PGA) tournaments in his career, tied with the legendary Sam Snead (1912-2002). His almost unrivaled record includes 15 Grand Slam titles, three less than his mentor Jack Nicklaus.

Many golfers and athletes have sent him encouraging messages, such as former number one Justin Thomas or NBA star Magic Johnson. A golf enthusiast himself and owner of many courses, former President Donald Trump also sent his best wishes for recovery to Woods. “Get well quickly, Tiger. You are a real champion ”, he tweeted via an advisor. “I have no doubt about it, he will come back”, the billionaire later launched in an interview with Fox television.

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His predecessor Barack Obama also wished a “Speedy recovery” to the champion. “If we have learned anything in all these years, it is that Tiger should never be considered out of the game”, he wrote on Twitter.

Severe back problems

Tiger Woods (Eldrick Woods for civil status) had largely dominated the tournaments between 1996 and 2008, conferring to his sport a notoriety which exceeded the audience of his usual followers. After a slump in his private life, including the revelation of many adulterous affairs, Woods had managed to return to the top before collapsing again, suffering from serious back problems.

He had once again fed the news section by being arrested, asleep at the wheel of his car, under the influence of a cocktail of drugs and antidepressants one evening in May 2017 in Florida.

He did not return to the greens until January 2018, after several failed attempts and four back operations, including arthrodesis, a painful fusion of vertebrae. In April 2019, Tiger Woods had once again returned to success by winning the prestigious Augusta Masters after an unlikely comeback.

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