Through the night as a chamber to take samples for Covid-19 testing “Make in Vietnam”

When embarking on making a Covid-19 test room for medical staff, the project team received many different opinions.

At a factory in Thach That, Hanoi. Nearly 10 architects and mechanics hustled to work continuously for nearly 4 days and nights to perfect the Covid-19 test sampling chamber, with the aim of helping medical staff to reduce their hardships when taking samples for testing in the coming weeks. hot day.

All stages from drawing up the design to processing are done by team members. Even, just doing it, team members also consult the community.

The chamber is 1.2 m long, 2.4 m wide and 2.65 m high, enough for four medical staff to work together.

Not only has the effect of cooling, this chamber also acts as a shield to protect medical staff when there is an air purification system and UV sterilization. The lights will be on for 8 minutes before the medical staff come to work.

The cost to complete this product is both supported by team members and contributed by units and benefactors such as glass doors, air conditioners, germicidal lamps, etc.

Mr. Khieu Huu Nghia – the group’s representative shared, when he and the whole group embarked on the implementation of this room, there were many different opinions.

Once completed, the sampling chamber will be moved to an isolation area in Bac Giang. After the medical staff use and give feedback, the team will proceed to further improve the details and features of the products.

Besides Mr. Nghia’s group, in the past few days, another group of volunteers, former students of Thai Binh High School for the Gifted, are also providing training for the production of “experimental sampling cabins”. These are movable chamber models, which can be transported in different terrains. Each of these cabins will have 2 doctors sitting to take samples, measuring 1m long, 1m wide, 2m high, equipped with air conditioning. Due to the advantages of available materials, these “test cabins” can be produced quickly and at low cost. The group plans to donate these cabins to the Hanoi CDC and Bac Giang epidemic center.

Should be in the community

In South Korea, this mobile testing booth was installed in March 2020, looks like a public phone booth. Each chamber is about 1m wide, 2.5m high and weighs 230kg, with a medical staff working… This idea is considered very effective.

Korean press, newspaper Korea Herald The mobile test chamber is also being used in many places in Korea and countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Italy and the Philippines.

In the hot days of early June, when doctors and medical staff had to cope with the weather and overwork, many people thought of the idea of ​​making this laboratory in Vietnam. The social network even strongly shared the image of Korea’s “Covid-19 testing cabin” in which medical staff took samples without wearing hot protective gear, quite comfortably taking samples for Covid-19 testing for patients. citizen.

The reason this image has been shared a lot is because of the recent hot sunny days, the image of medical staff wearing tight protective gear, exhausted from taking samples in the hot sun, makes the community feel pity and desire. There are solutions to help them out.

On the morning of June 4, talk with PV Infonet, Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Truong Son said, “In very severe weather like the past time, the outdoor temperature to 39-40 degrees Celsius has greatly affected the health of medical staff, students. employees working directly in the community. This is a great concern of the Standing Department.”

Deputy Minister Nguyen Truong Son said that in Bac Giang, there was a plan to fix it by installing army field tents with an area of ​​​​12m2, with 4 windows, and an air conditioner inside. 4 medical staff taking samples still wearing protective gear stood out to take samples.

In the context and conditions of Vietnam, Deputy Minister Nguyen Truong Son said that ‘the job of sampling cabins should only be done in the community. And at key points, if it is necessary to take samples at noon, on hot sunny days, there are tents.”

Thuy Chi – Xuan Quy – Ngoc Huyen

The frontline doctor in the sunshine took samples to test for 18,000 workers in the epidemic center of Bac Giang

Hundreds of officials and doctors have taken antigen test samples for more than 18,000 workers staying in Nui Hieu village, Quang Chau commune – Viet Yen epidemic center, Bac Giang province.


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