Three things are annoying in the bedroom

Bedroom space has a certain influence on human health, so it should be tidy and tidy, according to American psychotherapist Cecille Ahrens.

“Some objects can make people feel tense, restless,” says Ahrens. As a place where visitors don’t notice, bedrooms are sometimes overlooked. However, according to therapist Weena Cullins, the bedroom is very important because that’s where we rest. Therefore, you need to avoid the following problems to have an ideal space for relaxing moments.

Messy furniture

A room with sprawling furniture due to lack of space makes it difficult for your mind to relax. According to Mark Loewen, a therapist and founder of LaunchPad psychological counseling center in Virginia (USA), the mess causes the brain to process more images.

“By freeing up space, you give your brain a break,” said Loewen. To keep the bedroom minimal, Ahrens recommends removing items that are damaged or no longer valuable.

The bed is not tidy

Tidying up your blankets and pillows is an easy step towards improving your mood, says William McRaven, the former commander of the Special Operations Command, who organized a raid to destroy Osama bin Laden. He is also the author of the book “Changing the World from Small Things”.

Mr McRaven said making the bed only takes a few minutes, but you’ll be proud of having completed the first job of the day. That feeling puts you in a good position to do other things.

An untidy bed makes you feel uncomfortable and affect your health. Image: Insider.

Clothes are everywhere

According to expert Cullins, you will easily feel uncomfortable and cramped when the clothes are scattered throughout the room. “Leaving clothes piled up on chairs, beds or the floor distracts the mind and takes up a lot of room,” Cullins observed. On the other hand, if the clothes are cornered, it will be difficult to see all the options and forget your favorite items.

To feel comfortable in your own bedroom, keep your furniture, blankets, and clothes neatly organized. You can design hidden storage space in the wall if the room is small.

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