Three Peter Parker for Spider-Man 3? Update on the casting

Si Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina will officially return alongside Tom Holland. The possibility of also seeing Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield again in the spider costume keeps growing.

Tom Holland is going to end up making a cameo in his own movie. Expected on December 15, 2021, the third part of the Spiderman from the Marvel Cinematic Universe directed by Jon Watts is still talking about him. While Benedict Cumberbatch will be present as Doctor Strange, Jamie Foxx’s official return as Electro has fueled the expectations of many fans. Indeed, his character took place in the film Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. The hypothesis of a merger of the three universes imagined by Sony and Marvel then became possible.

Alfred Molina’s return, announced on December 8 by The Hollywood Reporter , could confirm this synthesis. The actor played the villainous Doctor Otto Octopus in the film Spider-Man 2 directed by Sam Raimi. The Collider site has also announced that Andrew Garfield and Kirsten Dunst (the Marie Jane Watson of the Sam Raimi trilogy) will also make their comeback. Regarding Tobey Maguire, discussions are also reportedly underway to bring him back into the spider costume. Ditto for Emma Stone in her role as Gwen Stacy.

Three Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire could therefore be reunited in this Spider-Man 3. The film is therefore expected to introduce the “Multiverse” to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Already exploited by the successful cartoon Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the Multiverse is the term used to refer to the set of all dimensions and parallel realities existing at Marvel.

And when there are no more revelations, there are still. According to information from Murphy’s Multiverse published on December 9, Charlie Cox should also return to the game. The interpreter of Daredevil in the eponymous Netflix series would be ready to put on his costume after denying his participation in April 2020. But between- time, the rights to the character returned to Marvel’s hands. The opportunity to integrate his popular character into the MCU once and for all?


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