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Three people were stabbed to death by a masked person in a nursery school in China, six people injured, there was an outcry

Kindergarten Stabbings In China Nursery School: In a nursery school in China, a man has stabbed three people to death. Six people are said to be injured. The police has not yet given the age of the dead and injured. A video is going viral on Chinese social media, in which a policeman is seen running with a child. It is being said that the police in Jianxi, China, shared information about the school attack on the social media there on Weibo.

A Chinese police post reported that a miscreant wearing a top hat and a mask in his mouth attacked a private kindergarten in Anfu County. When an armed miscreant entered the school, he killed three people and injured six. Police have named the suspect as Liu Mounhui and given his age as 48 years.

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There have already been knife attacks in Chinese schools

According to media reports, in April last year, a man was attacked with a knife in Beilu, a city in Guangxi Xuang, China. The attacker was 24 years old. He was caught by the police and his surname was issued only ‘Jeng’. Hong Kong media reported that the man was divorced from his wife who worked in that school. A year earlier, 40 people were injured in a knife attack at a primary school in the same area. According to reports, 39 students, two school staff and the head master were injured in an attack on the school in Wuzhou, Guangxi Xuang in 2020. A security guard was suspected about the attack, who was nabbed on the spot.

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