Three people were seriously injured by buffalo

Tay NinhIn one week, three men in Go Dau district were gored by the same buffalo, resulting in multiple serious injuries and critical condition.

On July 10, Doctor Nguyen Thanh Sang, Department of General Surgery, Tay Ninh Xuyen A General Hospital, said that the three victims were hospitalized in turn last week. This buffalo escaped from a nearby slaughterhouse, very aggressive. The first two victims accidentally walked past the animal and were attacked. The third person had an accident while participating in catching the buffalo.

In particular, the 55-year-old had severe chest and abdominal trauma, including perforation of the chest, abdomen, diaphragm, torn thigh, and pneumothorax. The 42-year-old was rammed by buffalo many times in the groin, causing complicated wounds in the perineum, thighs, back, and broken nose. Another 39-year-old patient was repeatedly rammed in the back, breaking, breaking the spine, unable to walk.

After emergency surgery, the victims were all out of danger. Currently, they are still being closely monitored and cared for after the surgery, their vital signs are stable and they are gradually recovering.

A doctor examines a patient with a broken spine. Image: Hospital provides

Dr. Sang recommended that buffalo ramming is a common accident in rural areas, with many cases of severe injuries leading to death. Therefore, in order to protect safety, people need to avoid going near the herd of cattle, or when grazing, be careful to avoid unfortunate accidents.

If unfortunately being hit by a buffalo, even if it is a small wound, it is necessary to quickly bring the victim to medical facilities for accurate diagnosis of injuries and timely treatment.

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