Three people comatose after eating bell flowers

Lang SonThree people aged 75, 57, and 50, after eating the bell flowers picked from the forest, fell into a coma, and were taken to the emergency room by their family members.

These three people on September 29, stir-fried to eat a bell-shaped, drooping flower called the bell flower. About 5 hours after eating, all three people showed signs of coma, calling and asking no answer.

Three patients were admitted to Lang Son General Hospital with signs of lethargy, irritability, struggles, cyanosis, respiratory failure, apnea. Doctors quickly emergency patients according to antitoxin regimen: gastric lavage, activated charcoal, circulatory support, breathing. The 50-year-old patient due to severe respiratory failure and apnea should be ventilated.

After 12 hours of treatment, three people survived the critical crisis, but there were different manifestations such as a 50-year-old patient who had urinary retention, unable to urinate on its own. 75-year-old patient with mental disorder, unrecognizing relatives, unaware of space or time.

Currently, the patients continue to be actively treated at the hospital.

Bellflower is a wild tree or is grown as a popular ornamental plant in Lang Son. The plant contains Scopolamine (toxin table A) can stimulate the central nervous system leading to disturbances of perception, stimulation, coma and convulsions. The infected person, if not detected and handled in time, will lead to death.

Doctors advise people to pay attention, do not pick flowers and trees for food or medicine without understanding the toxicity of trees to avoid accidents.

Bellflower contains Scopolamine (toxic substance Group A).

Thuy Quynh