Three more Koreans died after receiving Covid-19 vaccine

On March 4, South Korea reported three more deaths following the injection of Covid-19 by the pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca.

The total number of deaths after vaccination in the country has risen to 5. According to North Jeolla Province officials, the first 52 years old, is a long-term care patient at Jeonju Hospital, 243 kilometers south of Seoul. He died on the morning of March 4, almost two days after getting the vaccine. The patient has a history of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and cerebral hemorrhage in June.

The second 58 years old, died the same day at a hospital in nearby Buan, less than a day after the vaccine. Patient had diabetes and myocardial infarction.

A third person, a woman, 20 years old, died in the city of Daejeon, after vaccination on March 2.

“None of them responded negatively to the vaccine,” a provincial health official said, noting that the agency will meet with four infectious disease experts to determine the links of the three deaths and the vaccination. strains.

“Currently, it seems they are not related,” the official added.

Medical staff at a nursing home in Gwangju were vaccinated on February 27. Image: Yonhap

Previously, South Korea recorded two deaths after the Covid-19 vaccination of AstraZeneca. A man, 63 years old, in a nursing home, has cerebrovascular disease. After the vaccination, he had a high fever, was transferred to the hospital on 2/3, but did not survive. The person died had symptoms of blood poisoning and pneumonia. The other was about 50 years old, a history of heart disorders and diabetes, died on 3/3 after suffering many heart attacks.

South Korea started vaccinating Covid-19 for its people last week. By the end of the program’s third day, more than 85,000 people had received the AstraZeneca injection, and more than 1,500 used the Pfizer vaccine.

Recently, Hong Kong and Japan also recorded some deaths after vaccination. Japan Ministry of Health said on 2/3 that a 60-year-old woman died of cerebral hemorrhage.

This person got the Pfizer vaccine. Authorities are investigating a link between the vaccine injection and the cause of death, but initially said “vaccines are not necessarily the cause of death”. Pfizer Japan did not comment.

Hong Kong is also investigating the death of a man with a chronic illness. This man died two days after Sinovac’s Covid-19 vaccine. The 63-year-old patient was vaccinated on February 26 at the Kwun Chung Sports Center in Jordan, one of the vaccination sites designated by the government. He was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital on February 28 with difficulty breathing.

Immediately after being admitted to the hospital, the patient had cardiopulmonary arrest and died despite the efforts of the doctor. The medical team was informed that he had vaccinated Sinovac. But at that time, they thought that death was not related to vaccination, because the person was chronically ill.

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