Three major operations revived the girl from the dead

Nghe AnDuong Thi Minh Thao, 15 years old, in Van Son, Do Luong, was poured into her body by a water tank, causing multiple injuries, critical condition.

Thao was taking a bath when the foot of the water tank suddenly collapsed, the heavy tub rolled down, and collapsed on her, like a bulldozer rolled over.

Thao was taken to the district hospital for first aid, then transferred to the Nghe An Pediatric Hospital. Patient arrived in hospital with severe trauma, blood loss shock, painful stimulation, very pale mucosa, dilated pupils on both sides, weak light reflexes, small tachycardia, difficulty catching, blood pressure Fall, right rib cage, left rib bruise, left thigh fracture.

The water tank collapsed on the patient’s body. Image: Hospital provided

Doctor Tran Minh Long, Deputy Head of Surgery Department of Surgery, said that the patient had crushed pulmonary lobe, right pulmonary artery rupture, hemorrhage, bilateral pneumothorax, 1/3 closed middle of left thigh bone, blood loss constantly, always in a state of shock. First-aid team performed resuscitation, high-molecular infusion, invasive arterial blood pressure and central venous catheter, blood transfusion and blood products, bilateral pleural drain, mechanical ventilation endotracheal .

The patient’s right lung bleed a lot, doctors conducted a thoracotomy to stop bleeding. After the operation, the patient transferred to the Recovery Department to actively breathe, sedate, and continue to restore blood transfusion. However, the right pleural drainage continued to output nearly 700 ml of blood fluid within two hours of surgery. Recognizing the patient’s situation is still dangerous, the team decided to conduct an emergency surgery to stop bleeding a second time. Fortunately this surgery has completely solved the problem of lung damage.

After two weeks, the patient’s respiratory function was stable, the lungs were well ventilated, the left thighbone combination surgery was started, and the left knee joint and hip joint exercise were started. After three major operations, in total Thao received 15 liters of blood and blood products.

On April 26, after nearly a month of active treatment, the patient recovered and could be discharged from the hospital.

Recalling the horrifying moment nearly a month ago, Ms. Tran Nguyen Thi Hoa, Minh Thao’s mother, did not believe in her daughter’s recovery day. “I thought I could lose my baby. Unexpectedly my daughter was saved,” she said.

Thao and her mother at the hospital on April 26.  Photo: Hospital provided

Thao and her mother at the hospital on April 26. Image: Hospital provided

Thuy Quynh