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Three days lockdown implemented in Auckland, New Zealand government decides after new corona virus case

A three-day lockdown has been imposed in New Zealand’s Auckland city after new corona virus cases surfaced. This lockdown will come into effect from Sunday night. New Zealand PM Jasinda Ardern has taken this decision after a meeting with important cabinet members.

Ardern has said that it is important to be vigilant until completely correct information about the new Korna virus arrives in the city. Information is also being collected whether the new corona virus is more contagious than before.

The Prime Minister says that apart from Auckland, the rest of the country will be placed under sanctions. This is being done so that lockdown is not to be imposed at other places.

In Auckland, three members of the same family have been found infected with the corona virus, which has not been identified. After this, the lockdown was imposed in Etihatan city.

The seriousness of the situation can be understood from the fact that Ardern has canceled all his plans. She has come to the capital, Wellington, in Auckland to take important decisions to stop the corona virus. Let us know that on Sunday, Ardern was going to participate in the Big Gay Out, Auckland festival.

Let me tell you that when Corona was spreading around the world, New Zealand had controlled this disease very effectively. For which New Zealand was also highly appreciated.

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