Three Covid-19 field hospitals in Quang Ninh

Quang NinhHa Long General Hospital, about 250 beds, is used as the 3rd field hospital for treatment and isolation of Covid-19 patients.

The decision to establish a field hospital No. 3 was made by leaders of Quang Ninh province on the evening of January 30 in the context of an increasing number of cases, especially the number of isolated contact traces. In the afternoon of the same day, the number of isolates tracking F1 to F4 was nearly 24,000. Traceability, zoning and isolation to prevent epidemics are still being carried out urgently, due to the geographical feature adjacent to the giant epidemic cluster, Chi Linh city of Hai Duong province.

By the evening of January 30, the whole province recorded 22 cases of Covid-19. In which, “patient 1553” transferred to the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2, Hanoi. 14 patients are being treated at Hospital No.2. 7 patients are being treated at Vietnam – Sweden Hospital, Uong Bi.

Previously, in order to be active in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, Quang Ninh province established two field hospitals No. 1 and 2 in Ha Long City and Mong Cai City.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak from January 28, Quang Ninh has blocked two communes An Sinh, Binh Duong in Dong Trieu town and Cai Rong town in Van Don district. The two district-level units implementing the social gap under the Prime Minister’s Directive 16 are Van Don district and Dong Trieu town.

In Van Don island district, there exists an epidemic cluster at Van Don airport; Dong Trieu town has translation cluster in Binh Duong commune, bordering with Chi Linh translation cluster, Hai Duong province.

Quang Ninh is one of two localities, along with Hai Duong, recorded the first case on the morning of January 28, starting this outbreak. The first case detected in Quang Ninh was “patient 1553”, staff at Van Don airport. From here, the tracing forces discovered more than 10 more cases at Van Don airport. The source of the infection at this outbreak is unknown. Some explanations suggest that it is possible from the source of people entering through Van Don airport. Another translation cluster, parallel to Van Don airport cluster, is Dong Trieu town with the epidemiological line related to Hai Duong epidemic cluster.

Ha Long General Hospital was recruited as Hospital No. 3. Photo: Dawn

Minh Cuong