Three-chamber ants “burn” many people in Hanoi

HanoiOver the past two weeks, every day, the Central Dermatology Hospital received more than 100 patients with contact dermatitis due to tri-cavity.

Doctor Quach Thi Ha Giang, Deputy Head of Medical Examination Department, Central Dermatology Hospital, identified a sudden increase in the number of patients, because normal days only scattered a few cases in hospital. They usually come to the clinic 3-4 days after the first red streak due to exposure to the ant’s toxin. There are families of 2-3 people seriously injured by triathletes.

Ms. Thu is one of the severe patients caused by contact dermatitis with three cavities. From a few small nodules near her eyes, three days later, the lesions spread to the face of Thu’s neck, with pus white-blue.

Dr. Giang said that Ms. Thu was severely injured by rubbing, causing the ant toxin to spread. Patient has signs of superinfection, burning pain in the affected area, fever, nearby lymphadenopathy.

“Patients need a combination treatment of antibiotics, pain relief, itching, superinfection. It takes 5-7 days to stabilize,” Dr. Giang said, September 30.

Many patients with trisomy contact dermatitis mistakenly confuse it with nerve shingles. Typically, a 35-year-old male patient in Hanoi, appears a few small spots on the chin, neck, burning pain. Thinking of shingles, the patient’s wife went online to study the “remedy” to chew 7 grains of glutinous rice and apply green beans to the injured area for her husband. The condition did not get better, her husband was still burning pain and more widespread injuries, and had to go to the hospital when his neck was red, super infected.

According to Dr. Giang, shingles is a viral skin disease that often causes pain and pain, then blisters appear, stretching blisters growing in clusters according to the distribution of nerves and one side of the body. Meanwhile, tricyclic ant contact dermatitis causes the patient to be burning pain, blotchy lesions, often in open skin, slightly dull background, on blisters or tiny pustules in the middle. , with a yellowish-brown concave zone, round or oval. The lesions can be rapidly pus-filled. Patients need to have a clear distinction, avoid following online remedies.

Patients with contact dermatitis due to tricuspid ants, examined at the Central Dermatology Hospital. Image: Doctor provided.

Dr. Giang said that the three cavities cause disease not to burn, but because the secretions, stick to the skin cause contact dermatitis on the spot. In the body of tri-chamber ants contains Pederin toxin, 12-15 times more toxic than cobra venom, but due to the small amount of exposure and only outside the skin, it is not enough to cause death like snake venom but only damage in the skin. .

However, this toxin can cause serious complications. The patient may experience diffuse nearby lesions, fever, general malaise, superinfection, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. If it is treated, it will disappear after a week. Late treatment, skin lesions can leave red scars for months to go away. Their toxins stick to the eye causing conjunctivitis and soft swelling around the eyes, in cases of temporary blindness.

When detecting tri-chamber ants, you should wear gloves or use soft paper to handle them, absolutely do not rub, beat the ants to release poison. When you accidentally hit or rub the ants on the skin, wash immediately under clean water, with saline water or soap to reduce toxins. For minor lesions (red dot), special treatment cream is applied. If the lesions are more severe, pustules appear, they need to be treated by a specialist dermatology hospital.

“Absolutely not cover the leaves, apply unproven remedies or apply antiseptics containing iodine and alcohol will make the wound worse, increase the risk of superinfection”, Dr. Giang recommended.

Department of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health recommends that fluorescent lamps should be replaced with yellow lights, because tri-chamber ants are very fond of fluorescent lighting. Before going to bed, you need to re-sweep the house to clean the floor and get a mosquito net to avoid insects. When the environment has a lot of ants, spraying ants that are stored on the walls inside and outside the house has the effect of repelling and killing them.

Le Nga