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Threat of loot increased amid vaccination in Britain, intelligence agencies warn

On the one hand, where the approval of the Pfizer company vaccine in the UK is allowed for large-scale vaccination, on the other hand, the security agencies have warned against the safety of the vaccine. This is due to the low supply and high demand for the vaccine in its initial period. Vaccination work is starting here on Tuesday. In such a situation, the intelligence agencies have told the government that the gangsters of criminals can carry out the robbery incident to reach the vaccine.

A central monitoring station has been built to monitor vaccine supply in the UK. According to The Sun’s report, security has been increased regarding the vaccine. Vaccination work is being started in about fifty hospitals there. In Britain, Pfizer Company has delivered the vaccine from Belgium.

According to the report, Interpol has warned various countries of the world that the corona vaccine may be looted. He says that a group of criminals can create obstacles in the vaccine supply chain. In such a situation, about 14 thousand soldiers have been kept on standby for the vaccination program in Britain.

A former Scotland Yard investigator said that criminals can hijack a vehicle loaded with a vaccine and ask for money in return. Meanwhile, Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock has also said that due to limited supply and huge demand, the value of Corona vaccine has become equal to liquid gold in the eyes of criminals.

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