Thought plump baby had congenital ring syndrome

HanoiA 9-day-old boy in Son La, has a constriction in his right leg, the doctor diagnosed with congenital ring syndrome.

Doctor Le Tuan Anh, Deputy Head of Pediatric Orthopedics Department, Central Pediatric Hospital, said congenital ring is a rare syndrome with the rate of 1 / 1,200 – 1 / 1,500 children. Disease occurs during the development of the fetus, the amniotic wires wrap around the fetal body, preventing that part of the body from circulating blood. Even a completely tightened amniotic cord can lead to amputation, limb deformities such as finger sticking and leg crunches.

“If the amniotic ligament attaches to the head, face or neck area can lead to defects such as cleft palate, cleft palate … More dangerous, if this ligament attaches to the umbilical cord or body can cause stillbirth, “Dr. Tuan Anh said.

In this case, the doctor said that this is a difficult surgery because the baby is too small, the tightening ring of important structures such as bones, tendons, and blood vessels, requires doctors to be very careful. The surgical ekip removed the fibrous ring of the leg, released the thick fibrous tissue surrounding and tightened the neural and muscle vascular structure in the constriction position, the skin flap shaping stitch …

After surgery, the baby’s feet get out of the tightening loop, the blood vessels are well circulating, the incision is dry.

The amniotic fiber strip tightens the child’s leg Image: Luong Hieu.

Infants’ constriction ring is rare, the risk of leaving defects in children is very high. If the baby is not operated early, he or she may have atrophy of limbs due to lack of nourishment, even necrosis of hands and feet. Many parents currently do not fully understand this disease in order to have solutions and timely treatment for their children. Some parents even mistakenly think that their child has a lot of deep bruises on the arms and legs due to plumpness.

Doctor Tuan Anh noted, parents need to distinguish their child’s limbs due to plumping or caused by the constriction for early treatment. The plump baby limbs have very shallow skin rings that are not armored. While the ring is very deep and tightens the circumference of the leg or arm.

This syndrome is not inherited and there is no preventive method. However, congenital ring syndrome can be detected before birth through 3D and 4D ultrasound. Pregnant women need to have regular prenatal check-ups, and their families also need to have plans to treat their babies early.

Le Nga