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Those who got the Pfizer-ExtraZeneca vaccine have more antibodies than those infected with the corona: study

People vaccinated against the anti-Covid Pfizer or ExtraZeneca (Pfizer, AstraZeneca) have higher antibody levels than those who have been infected with the corona virus. This information was given on Monday in a study published in ‘Scientific Reports Journal’. A team led by scientists from the University of Montreal in Canada found that these antibodies are also effective against the ‘delta’ form of the virus. In 2020, 32 such adults from Canada who were not hospitalized were included in the study 14 to 21 days after being found infected with Kovid in the PCR test. This was before the ‘beta’, ‘delta’ and ‘gamma’ variants of the virus appeared.

Jean-François Masson, a professor at the University of Montreal, said that anyone who has been infected has antibodies made in their body, but antibodies are made more in the elderly than in people under 50 years of age. Mason said that apart from this, antibodies remained in his blood for 16 weeks after being infected. Scientists said that the person who had moderate symptoms of Kovid, the level of antibodies after vaccination was twice that of people infected with the virus not vaccinated. According to the scientists, their antibody is also better at inhibiting the ‘spike-ACE-2 interaction’. Mason said the vaccination also protects people from the delta variant who have previously been infected with the original form of the virus.

Recently, pharmaceutical company Pfizer had claimed that the anti-covid pill is effective in preventing hospitalization and death up to 89 percent. Pfizer Inc said on Friday that its experimental antiviral pill for COVID-19 cuts hospitalization and death rates by about 89 percent.

The company says that once Pfizer submits its FDA application, the agency can make a decision within weeks or months. Researchers around the world are competing to create a pill against COVID-19. Anti Kovid-19 pill can prove to be very helpful in reducing symptoms, faster recovery and reducing the burden on hospitals and doctors in patients. It is being told that patients can be taken home on the basis of this Kovid-19 pill.

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