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This US ambassador said- India is among difficult neighbours, if need be, I will…

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Michael Garcetti, named the next US ambassador to India, has said that India is situated between “difficult neighbours”. He further said that, if his name is confirmed, he will further the US efforts to strengthen India’s capability.

During the hearing to confirm his name for the post of US ambassador to India, Garcetti told lawmakers, “India is located among difficult neighbours. If my name is confirmed, I will advance US efforts to defend its borders and sovereignty and strengthen India’s ability to deter attacks.

Efforts will be made to increase defense partnership

Garcetti said that he is working “by sharing information, coordinating counter-terrorism, joint freedom of navigation patrols and military exercises (in which I have participated as a naval officer with my Indian counterparts) and the sale of our best defense technologies”. Through these efforts, “to advance our great defense partnership to its full potential”.

He said that if his name is confirmed, he will work with India to support a bold vision of promoting green energy through the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and the Agenda 2030 Climate and Clean Energy Partnership .

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