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This time in America, the highest turnout in the history of a century, long queues were seen

Washington: Amidst the outbreak of Corona epidemic, about 100 million Americans have cast their votes in pre-voting. A large number of voters from across the country are leaving their homes to vote. Lines of voters were seen at many polling stations. But it is believed that this time in the history of America, the highest turnout can be held. This year around 239 million people are eligible for the franchise.

Counting of postal votes may take a few days or weeks in some states and it is certain that the winner is unlikely to be announced a few hours after the voting ends on Tuesday. There are about 4 million people of Indian origin in America, of which 2.5 million are voters. There are more than 1.3 million Indian-American voters here in important states like Texas, Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania. Voting time is different for different states.

Many American leaders of Indian origin in the electoral race …
Kamla Harris of Indian origin is the Vice Presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, she remains at the top of the ballot papers. Apart from this, many Indian-Americans are trying their luck in the elections to be held on Tuesday. Four members of the House of Representatives (lower house) Ami Bera, Ro Khanna, Pramila Jaipal and Raja Krishnamurthy are all confident of being elected to another term by the Democratic Party.

He is also accompanied by two more strong contenders from the Democratic Party, who are trying their luck in the elections. Preston Kulkarni in Texas and Hiral Tipirneni in Arizona are fighting a strong fight against their Republican contenders. Kulkarni’s father is Indian and mother white American and he has been a diplomat before entering politics and Tipirneni is a doctor.

Real estate agent Nisha Sharma is contesting from California on behalf of the Republican Party. It is considered a Democratic constituency, so it is a big challenge for them to win from here. If she wins the Vice Presidency, Harris will not be in the Senate.

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