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This quarantine camp of China is no less than a jail, you will be surprised to see the video

Watch Video : Corona Virus, which originated from China, caused a lot of devastation all over the world. Lakhs of people lost their lives, crores became unemployed. For two years, this virus has kept people tied. Now its Omicron variant is again creating troubles all over the world. A large number of Corona positive (Covid 19) patients are coming, China is also no exception to this. Things are getting worse there too. Seeing the situation deteriorating, now China has imposed many strict rules on the citizens of its country under the Quarantine under the Zero Kovid Policy. A video related to them is going viral, seeing which you will also be surprised.

Being imprisoned in a metal box

Some videos related to China’s strict quarantine rules are going viral on social media. In these videos you will see how a Quarantine Room has been made here in a Metal Box. Infected or people around them are being kept imprisoned in these boxes. Pregnant women, children and the elderly are also facing this harassment. In these metal boxes, people are kept in quarantine for 2 weeks. It has wooden beds and toilet facilities.

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suddenly asked to leave the house

According to the report, if even a single patient of Kovid is found in any area there, then people of the entire area are being put in quarantine. The administrative team comes at midnight and takes them to these quarantine camps by filling them in buses. They are suddenly asked to leave the house.

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Strict rules since the first wave

Let us tell you that since the first wave of Corona in China, strict rules of Kovid are in force. Here every person has to keep ‘Track and Trace App’ in his mobile. Through this, when an infected person is found, all the people around him are easily detected and they are put in the quarantine camp.

People are imprisoned in their own homes

According to a media report, about 20 million people in China have been imprisoned in their own homes. People are not being allowed to go out even to bring food and other essential items. Recently, a pregnant woman was not allowed to go to the hospital, due to which she miscarried. There has been a debate on strictness regarding the Kovid Guidelines. On Twitter, many people are sharing videos of China’s strict Kovid policy and torturing people in its name.


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