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This person has toys of 20,000 fast food restaurants, has made Guinness World Record

Every child is fond of toys. Children spend their childhood playing with these toys. It would not be wrong to say that children are their toys in childhood, but the extreme craze for toys has been seen in this man of the Philippines. This 50-year-old graphic designer lives in Apalit, northwest of Manila. Its name is Percival Lugu, which is so attached to toys that it started collecting toys from the age of 5 and now it has a collection of 20,000 toys. According to Lugu, a room in his three-storey house is filled with only his toys, which he used to bring from McDonald’s, Burger King. In the year 2014, Percival made a Guinness World Record by collecting more than 10,000 toys.

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Percival Lugu shared a picture sitting among his toys and wrote that ‘the toy itself is like a storyteller’. Luhu told that each of his toys reminds him of his childhood. By the way, most children break their toys in childhood, but Lugu has kept his toys.

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Lugu told that he has the most adorable toy that his mother gave him. Lugu’s mother gifted the ‘Hetty Spaghetti’ statue to him in the year 1988. At the same time, his dream is to put his toys in front of the public or put all the toys in a museum which can be reminiscent of everyone’s childhood.

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