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This Pakistani child’s talk about India will win your heart, the video going viral

At present, relations between India and Pakistan are going on tense but still something happens that gives hope that the relationship between these two countries can be good in the future. These days, a video of a Pakistani child is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, the child has said something about India that everyone is liking.

Actually YouTuber Karl Rock is on a tour of Pakistan these days. In an attempt to get to know Pakistan more and more, he is talking to the people there.

Karl met 11-year-old Zakias aka Jack in Lahore. Jack was having dinner with his father at a dhaba. Karl was also present with them and the three were discussing about Pakistan. During the discussion, Carl also talked to Jack about India, in response, Jack said something that everyone is praising.

Karl asked 11 year old Jack what do you think about India? To this, the child replied, ‘There are good and bad people everywhere. We cannot form such opinions about anyone. He also said that many of his friends are from India.

At the same time, Carl asked that child if you would ever like to go to India? To this the child said that yes, absolutely, and my father has also gone there. In between, Jack asked his father, when did you go to India, then his father said that he had gone to Amritsar six years ago.

During the conversation, Carl Rock also said that many people from Pakistan go to India, but very few people come to Pakistan from India. Meanwhile, the child said that I had never seen any Indian in Pakistan.

People like this video very much. The video uploaded on 5 January (Tuesday) has been viewed by 8,59,424 people so far. 5856 comments have come on this video so far.

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