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This girl did a very ‘dangerous’ dance in heels under water, people were surprised to see the backflip

Viral Video: Who doesn’t like to dance? Many people are so crazy about dance that they want to keep dancing throughout the day. Although you must have heard about dancing on the floor on stage or at home, but have you seen anyone dancing under water. If not, today we show you.

A 26-year-old Russian girl’s dance video is going viral on social media. She is seen doing a great dance under water. This dance is being performed by none other than a Russian champion synchronized swimmer Kristina Makushenko. The special thing is that she is doing this dance under water wearing heels.

Let us tell you that Kristina Makushenko has been a part of the Russian national team. She has been representing the country in synchronized swimming at the international level. Today, he is in a lot of discussion on social media about dancing underwater. Every video of him goes viral on Tiktok. There he has more than a million followers.

The viral video we are talking about has also been viewed five million times. In this, Christina is seen in high heels and Fishnet Tights. In this dress, she is performing her dance skills in water. This video of him is becoming fiercely viral.

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