This farmer’s life, what a crap on Canal +!

CRITICAL – In a poignant documentary, broadcast at 10:50 p.m., Rodolphe Marconi follows the daily life of Cyrille, a dairy producer who, despite his efforts, cannot make a living from his farm.

Let’s face it, this documentary by Rodolphe Marconi, Cyrille, farmer, 30 years old, 20 cows, milk, butter and debts is without a doubt the most sensitive, the most remarkable, the harshest there is. Deserves a palme d’or. It starts like this: the sound of footsteps, of boots, in a forest crushing leaves … Then the director’s voice: “July 2018. For three days, on the Atlantic coast, a boy has stepped into the sea up to his knees. No more. He never bathes. ” It was the first time that Cyrille had taken a little vacation. Why didn’t he bathe? Quite simply because he cannot swim. The thirty-something is a dairy farmer in Auvergne. He’s already a bit at the end of his rope. He gets up early to milk his cows, which he calls his “little girls”.

He started on his parents’ farm at the age of 8, bottle-fed calves and then raised his goats at the age of 10 before and after school. He’s a brave man, a volunteer. It

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