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This country will ban youth from buying cigarettes, plans to rein in tobacco industry too

New Zealand Action on Smoking by Youth: On Thursday, New Zealand has announced to take this big action regarding the tobacco industry. The New Zealand government plans to ban youth from buying cigarettes in their lifetime. New Zealand has argued behind this that other efforts to stop smoking were taking a long time. Under the scheme, youth of 14 years or less will not be allowed to buy cigarettes.

The government has announced that this scheme will be passed in the next year i.e. 2022. In addition, New Zealand will also limit the number of retailers authorized to sell tobacco and cut nicotine levels in all products.

Efforts to reduce smoking rate

New Zealand’s Associate Health Minister Ayesha Verrall said in a statement: “We want to ensure that young people never start smoking, so we encourage a new group of young people to sell or supply smokeless tobacco products.” Will make you criminal.” “If nothing changes, it will take decades for the smoking rate to drop below five percent, and this government is not prepared to leave people behind like this,” he said.

11.6% of 5-year-olds smoke

According to government figures, currently 11.6 percent of young people aged 15 in New Zealand smoke, which increases to 29 percent among young people. The government will introduce a law in the Parliament in June with the aim of making a law regarding it at the end of 2022. Before that, the government will hold discussions with the Maori Health Task Force.

After this, these restrictions will be introduced in a phase from 2024, starting with a reduction in the number of authorized vendors. After this, the amount of nicotine will be reduced in 2025 and a ‘smoke-free’ generation will be created from 2027.

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