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“This adventure brought us a lot closer”: what traveling together taught them

“This experience has brought us a lot closer”

Anaelle, 38 years old

“I met my partner in Norway during my Erasmus year and since then travel has been part of our life. In 2016, we wanted to push the adventure a little further by leaving for ten months together. I quit my job and took him on a sabbatical. We started with China, where Cyril had already lived, then we went to Hong Kong, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. It was an itinerant trip, organized in advance, if only for visa issues, but we booked everything as we went along.

To undertake this kind of journey, you have to know each other a little, because we are together 24 hours a day and this promiscuity is sometimes difficult to manage. We were a couple for ten years but we got to know each other better. I discovered that Cyril could be less stressed and I could be more patient.

In the end, this adventure brought us a lot closer. We discussed a lot of current events (presidential elections in France and the United States) and exchanged on our readings. Today, we have two children and we say that we would like to take them one day to these countries which are part of our history. »

“We don’t have the same conception of travel”

Chloe, 23 years old

“With my boyfriend, we don’t have the same conception of travel. Me, I like to discover a place, with a busy schedule to make the most of the places to visit, while he prefers to walk around without a specific objective and rest.

On the rental side, we don’t have the same expectations either: he wants comfort, a hotel room or independent accommodation. I can sleep in a tent or under the stars. Thinking about it, I realize that we are going against the grain of family habits. He traveled quite a bit abroad with his parents who liked to make visits and I always went to the same campsite with mine. As we knew the surroundings well, we ended up not moving too much. »

“On our return, everyday life seemed bland to us”

Elisabeth, 29 years old

“In 2019, just before the Covid, we left for Peru for four months with my companion. It was the right time for us. Me, I was finishing a contract, he a master’s. We chose Latin America because of the attraction for the continent’s literature and Peru because it’s a fairly safe country.

As we didn’t have a big budget, we did wwoofing part of the trip, in other words we worked in exchange for room and board. In this case, we took care of horses in a hotel, gave English lessons in an association and helped farmers. We didn’t want to go on a long journey but stay in one place for a long time to immerse ourselves in it and create habits. In particular, we spent a month in Cuzco and a month on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

We have lived through some pretty incredible moments, which have sometimes pushed us to our limits. Working in the fields, in particular, was physically difficult, and then we were dressed haphazardly, dirty. We had to show solidarity to overcome certain situations and got to know each other differently. Before leaving, we did not realize what this kind of trip entails, but for us the results have been very positive. It was the return that was more complicated. Everyday life sometimes seemed a little bland. »


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